1. Tagging Programmes with various species produce valuable data for the development of fisheries management

2 Tagging provides a non-destructive assessment of

(A) Species growth rates - under natural conditions

(B) Species migrations

(C) Determines sources on 'Non-Natural Predation'

(D) Population dynamics and stock make-up

(E) Stock fluctuations

3. Through identification of stock fluctuations; the need for fishery management is determined

4. Through identification of sources on 'Non-Natural Predation'; specific threat areas to the species can be targeted with fishery management

5. Through identification of migration patterns, areas where fishery management need apply are highlighted.

Shark species management with respect to National Fisheries Bodies, is currently very low as shark species are not a commercially valuable species. Tagging highlights some of the problems, tagging highlights the source of threat, tagging provides the scientific means to introduce shark species management.

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