WEIGH SLINGS back in stock!!!
YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE (1) from UKSTP or (2) from Adam Wright

(1) new stock of very tough Weigh Slings
The Weigh Slings are made of a heavy duty boat cover material which is extremely durable and shark resistent. One is currently being used in Namibia by the beach fishermen to weigh Cooper Sharks (Bronzies) up to 200lb+, and has been on field trial daily for over 5 months without mishap or deterioration.

The weigh slings have centralised webbing handles (for support of the gut area of the shark) also providing ease of lifting and weighing plus a front snout cover, which covers the shark's eyes. This provides a calming effect and makes it easier to handle the shark once it is out of the water. They are obviously washable, and stow easily for use on all boats, without the threat of mildew deterioration.

The weigh slings although designed for the tagging programme are also capable of accommodating Conger Eels and other large fish which you wish to weigh and release.

for Smooth Hounds and smaller Tope - £34 including p&p

for larger Tope and Blues £40 including p&p

send cheque payable to "University of Southampton"

to Ken Collins, SOES National Oceanography Centre, Southampton SO14 3Z

(2) from Adam Wright www.norfolkfishingtrips.co.uk

cost £50 including delivery. He says "that they are a lot different, much stronger, suitable for Tope up to 80 inches and have a measure in like the old ones used to have. The handles also have holes in so you can balance it on the scales when you get smaller fish. I used to have to cut holes in the old ones to put the scales through when we got smaller fish as all the fishes weight is at one end of the bag".



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