Galeorhinus galeus (Linnaeus, 1758)


Usual Size To 195cm. Within UK waters between 140/150cm
UK Record Weight

Boat 82lb 8oz

Shore 58lb 2oz

Identification Upper body Grey to brown, under side white
Habitat Found between depths of 2/471m
  • Both a coastal and offshore species, although known to come within the surf- line.
  • Mostly a bottom and mid-water schooling shark
Range For the UK found from Scotland to the English Channel, for most of the year, and during the summer months tending to be closer inshore, though migrations are known to include the Mediterranean Sea. Also found in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and California; where the current IGFA record comes from, at 98lb 8oz, though most of the line class records come from New Zealand.
Food Fish eater, mostly Whiting, Pout, and other schooling species, though occasionally crustaceans plus squid and cuttlefish
Reproduction Plancentally viviparous (live bearing)
  • Litter size between 6/52 pups, usually 25/35, with the pups at 35cm at birth.
  • Females mature between 130/185cm when approximately 11 years old.
Additional Notes Has a potential weight in excess of 100lbs
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