Mustelus asterias (Cloquet, 1819)


Usual Size To 140cm, with most fish being fully mature between 120/130cm
UK Record Weight

BOAT 28lb

SHORE 23lb 2oz

Identification Upper body pale brown to grey with numerous white spots above the lateral line which is the distinguishing feature from the Common Smooth Hound (Mustelus mustelus - no spots)
Habitat Prefers sandy and gravel bottoms and usually located near the bottom - at depths to 100m and found both inshore and offshore
Range British Isles to Iberian Peninsula including the Mediterranean waters
Food Primarily crustaceans (hermit crabs and squat lobsters).
Reproduction Aplacentally viviparous (live bearing) Litter size between 7/15 pups, which are 20cm at birth.
  • Females mature at 85cm when approximately 2/3 years old
Additional Notes This is the more common of the two species of Smooth Hound.
References A Field Guide to The Sharks of British Coastal Waters - Vas 1991 FAO Species Catalogue 4 - Sharks of The World - Compagno Fishes of the North-Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean - Whitehead, Bauchot, Hureau, Nielsen, Tortonese Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe - Wheeler


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