Mustelus mustelus (Linnaeus, 1758)


Usual Size To a maximum of 164cm In UK waters to 120/135cm
UK Record Weight

BOAT 28lb

SHORE 17lb 8oz

Identification Upper body grey to pale brown, going to off white on the underside. There are no white spots above the lateral line.
Habitat Most commonly found in coastal shallow waters - depths to 150m, but also occasionally mid-water, open ground, not reefs
Range British Isles to Cape of Good Hope, including the Mediterranean - mainly coastal regions
Food Crustaceans, (hermit crabs, shore and edible crabs plus squat lobsters) and occasionally rag worms
Reproduction Placentally viviparous (live bearing)
  • Litter size between 4/15, although usually less than 15. At birth 30cm.
  • Females mature at 80cm
Additional Notes
References A Field Guide to The Sharks of British Coastal Waters - Vas 1991 FAO Species Catalogue 4 - Sharks of The World - Compagno Fishes of the North-Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean - Whitehead, Bauchot, Hureau, Nielsen, Tortonese Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe - Wheeler


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