Galeus melastomus (Rafinesque-Schmaltz 1810)


Usual Size To 90cm, although most fish are fully mature between 65/75cm
UK Record Weight

BOAT 2lb 13oz 8dr

SHORE- Vacant 12oz (Qualifying weight)

Identification The inside of the mouth is black, which is the distinguishing feature between this species and the Bull Huss (Sycliorhinus stellaris) and the Lesser Spotter Dogfish (Sycliorhinus canicula).
  • The upper and lower sides of the body are grey to dark brown and support a series of well defined dark saddle blotches and circular spots. These round patches vary in number with age, with juveniles having less than mature fish
Habitat A deep water shark found at depths between 200/500m and occasionally up to 55m.
  • Found on the outer continental shelf and upper slopes. Most angler encounters are in Scottish sea lochs.
Range Faroe Islands, North Sea, British Isles and down to Senegal, including the Mediterranean.
Food Small boney fishes, crustaceans (shrimps, prawns, crabs and squat lobsters), and other small elasmobranchs
Reproduction Oviparous (egg laying)
  • Maximum number of eggs laid per season 13, usually in the summer.
  • Females mature at 40/45cm
Additional Notes Another very similar species exists, though only recently identified by scientists
References A Field Guide to The Sharks of British Coastal Waters - Vas 1991 FAO Species Catalogue 4 - Sharks of The World - Compagno Fishes of the North-Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean - Whitehead, Bauchot, Hureau, Nielsen, Tortonese Key to the Fishes of Northern Europe - Wheeler


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